Jessie Hearts NYC is a cute, happy, awesome, very-very-shiny (seriously, the cover is AWESOME IRL) and just generally brilliant book that you should all try and get your hands on. Now. And Della Says. Like, serioulsy, you will not regret it. 5 stars 😀Cicely Loves Books

I absolutely loved this young adult story of growing up and falling in love in New York City. Great, believable teenage characters, authentic dialogue and the author’s obvious love for New York all combine to make a story which you don’t want to put down until the last page. And even then, you want to know what happens next. I Can Read Good

Jessie <3’s NYC is a beautiful book, with awesome characters, great references to films, locations and TV shows, lots of giggles and to top it off one of the BEST chapters of any book I’ve read (chapter 20 for anyone who’s read it). I really want EVERYONE to read this book; buy, beg,borrow or steal for it, ok not steal… but whatever, you will not be disappointed at all!Readaraptor

One of my favourite things about ‘Della says: OMG!’ was Keris’s effortless and chatty dialogue, and she has done it again with this book – it felt like I was tagging along on Jessie and Emma’s summer adventure, and it was a joy to get to see everything through their eyes. – Alice the Spy

There is nothing like a great location to set the scene for a fantastic romance. If years of Rom coms and Hollywood movies have taught us anything it’s that in a big city full of wonder that anything can happen and probably will. New York City is as much of a main character in this love story as Finn and Jessie. Both have a love affair with this big beautiful city and it’s the love that connects them and has a magical part to play in their fated relationship… SisterSpooky: Book Fangirl

This is Keris’ second book and I am still impressed. I really liked this one and I couldn’t put it down, there is just something with how Keris writes that is just brilliant and you find yourself immersed in the pages.The Book Mogul

This book is utterly fabulous and I am so glad I had the opportunity to read it. I think this is a lovely, refreshing romantic summer read that needs to be read on a sun lounger by pool, with a cocktail in one hand… I would love to see Richard Curtis make this book into a film, as I feel it has the flavour of some of his wonderfully British movies such as Notting Hill and Love Actually.Serendipity

I adore the ideal of soulmates and destiny; the way fate conspires to bring two people together. These notions are breathtakingly woven into the story. The number of coincidences and near misses that ultimately bring Jessie and Finn together was a joy to follow; the parallels with their thoughts, actions and events was ingenious. The weaving together of the simultaneous plot thread was inspired.Book Angel’s Booktopia

The characters, the setting, how romantic it is, the relationships – everything about this book very real to me and I finished it with a huge smile on my face! Jessie and Finn are pretty high on the adorable factor – Jessie Hearts NYC by Keris Stainton is so sweet and romantic, it really is a book not to miss!Fluttering Butterflies